Playing Cello

Handmade Cellos for sale

Soli Strings specialises in handmade string instruments.

We tailor make to the customer's preference for handcrafted cellos and collection time varies from 2-6 months.There are two range of handmade cellos for sale.

Chinese handcrafted cellos are made from the best quality spruce and maple from China. These handcrafted cellos are priced at SGD$1800. It comes with a cello bow and cello bag.

Handcrafted cellos using European tone wood (Italian Spruce, Bosnian Maple and Brazilian Ebony). These handcrafted cellos price range from SGD$5000-$6500. Price includes a handcrafted bow, Larsen and Spirocore string combination, a professional set up at a local luthier, cello bag, and a cake of Liebenzeller rosin.

These handcrafted cellos are of the highest quality you can find for handmade string instruments. They sound better than European made handcrafted cellos of the same price range.