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Soli Strings

Soli Strings specialises in handmade strings instruments. I hope to provide affordable handcrafted violins, handmade Chinese violins,  handcrafted violas and handcrafted cellos to student players. Most beginners will compromise on their starting instrument, but as a teacher of over 10 years, I realised that students that started with a better instrument learn faster than those that uses a semi handmade ones. Hence, I started to source for suppliers for my students to make it more affordable for them. 

About Soli Strings

Soli Strings specializes in handcrafted string instruments. As an online business, we are able to offer our customers the most competitive prices. All our instruments are carefully selected from reputable makers, making the purchase as hassle free as possible.


Violins (1/10 to 4/4)

Handcrafted violins of all sizes, carefully selected to suit different needs. We make sure that you buy a suitable violin with a competitive price.



Soli Strings brings in handcrafted European tone wood violas of all sizes made by experienced instrument makers.

Playing Cello


Soli Strings specialises in handcrafted European toned wood cellos. Each instrument is carefully selected to ensure only the best quality for our customers.