Our Testomonials

Soli Strings specialises in handmade strings instruments. I hope to provide affordable handcrafted violins, handmade Chinese violins,  handcrafted violas and handcrafted cellos to student players.

-"I buy my instruments from Soli Strings because as a teacher I believe in good instruments to promote good posture and to encourage better playing. The instruments you get are value for its money and not overally priced! The owner of Soli String is also a musician and so she does take special attention in selecting instruments!"-Samaira's violin teacher Ms. Tan

- "I have seen many violins from different shops but was not so impressed with the price tag on the violins. I finally purchased a violin from Soli Strings as it was something I was looking for in terms of sound. European tone wood makes a huge difference to the sound as compared with regular Chinese violins. Xiaoqing came to my convenience to present me with different violins and explained throughly on the differences between the violins. I will definitely recommend Soli Strings to other violinists and students!" - Violinist & teacher, Ms. Janice.

-"There are a reasonably large range of instruments to choose from. The instruments are well crafted and specific to my needs. It was a hassle free process, and I will definitely recommend." an advanced violin student, Lucas. 

-"I was able to get a starter cello at the price range which I asked for; Xiaoqing was also very helpful throughout my buying process, walking me through step by step and giving detailed explanations on the different characteristics of the cello I was getting. Definitely recommend!" Aaron Low

-"I got a 1/8 European Tone Wood violin custom made for my son. Although it takes a while before we receive the violin, but its totally worth the wait! Every practice is a pleasure with such high quality instrument. My son's teacher has nothing but good comments about the violin!" Mr. Ng